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Great news all round - there’s still hope for The Great British Summer Holiday! With the travel and tourism industry aching for customers to come back, and everyone more than ready for a break from their own four walls, it’s time to unwind the good old-fashioned way.

We’re talking camping, caravanning, B&Bing, or even AirBnBing. We’re talking Mr Whippy on the seafront, and motorway service pit stops along the way. Packing up the car with everything you could possibly need, or stuffing a hiking bag ready for an off-grid adventure.

Whatever it is, don’t forget to take good coffee with you… and our favourite on-the-go way to brew it, too - the AeroPress.

Why the AeroPress is great for your luggage

Your espresso machine is, let’s face it, too heavy. Your cafétiere is too breakable, and your V60 is too awkwardly shaped to slide handily into a suitcase. But the AeroPress? Well, it fits the bills for travellers in every way.

Firstly, all its component parts fit neatly inside each other - leaving you with a handy, slimline tube you can slot almost anywhere (I did say almost…). Secondly, if you go for the AeroPress Go model, that includes a cup that doubles as a case for it all too. Ace.

Durable plastic means it can handle bouncing down a mountain, or getting squashed by your suitcases - and it’s easy to rinse out and clean too, so no leaking coffee grounds on your posh frocks.

Why the AeroPress is great for your coffee

There’s no need to resort to sad sachets of instant, or only drinking coffee from overpriced chains. The AeroPress makes a high quality cuppa that will make you feel grounded, even where you’re far away from home.

As it keeps your grounds immersed until you’re ready to plunge, extraction is easy to control - so you can get the optimum flavour for you. We prefer the inverted method, for optimum results, but either way it’s a convenient way to brew a cup at a time.

If you’re lucky enough to find a spot of sunshine, it makes a great iced coffee too - if you’re somewhere with access to ice cubes. Just brew into a glass piled high with ice, and enjoy.

Bon voyage!